What is the Jewish Manifesto?

What is the Jewish Manifesto: it’s a declaration of our fears, dreams, desires, and demands for Jewish culture in the Netherlands. It’s ours to create and ours to debate. And we’re creating it with you, using the most Jewish way we know: discussion and analysis – chevrutah style.

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If you don’t know what chevrutah means, don’t worry. Neither did many of us until recently. It’s a way of studying Jewish texts in groups. You pair up with someone and read and discuss together. Ideally, you both have the same amount of knowledge. It’s about learning together, not about being in a teacher-student relationship. The pairs join a larger group to discuss their interpretations together. It’s an exciting and fun way to learn. As a bonus, the process becomes more meaningful the longer you study together.

We already held our first session, where we discussed the essay by Yael van der Wouden: Het (niet) lezen van Anne Frank – De Gids (NL), also available in English: On Not Reading Anne Frank (EN).

It’s easy to join us. We offer online and face-to-face sessions.

Het Joods Manifest is a project of Oy Vey Amsterdam.

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P.S. Oh, and if you’re wondering if you’re Jewish enough to participate? Have a look at our handy guide:

Am I Jewish enough to participate?

(The answer is probably yes)

  • I’m not religious… (Jewish enough)
  • I don’t know any other Jews… (Jewish enough)
  • I have a Jewish father or one Jewish grandparent (Jewish enough)
  • I’m a convert to Judaism… (Jewish enough)
  • I know nothing about Jewish stuff… (Jewish enough)
  • I had spareribs yesterday…. (Jewish enough)
  • My specific concern is not on this list and I am super anxious about it!!! (Mazal tov! probably nobody’s more Jewish)

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