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Have you read about our first discussion session for the Jewish Manifesto? Have you thought to yourself: how can I be a part of this exciting exploration? Well, it’s easy! All you have to do is sign up and show up.

Online and Face-to-Face Sessions!

Discussions are on a Monday evening and begin at 19.00. We meet in Amsterdam.

Jan: The Jewish-Israel Conflation

For many Jews in the Netherlands, being Jewish is reduced to Israel/Palestine or the Shoah. During our final discussion together for the Jewish Manifesto, we will discuss what this means for us. And how we see ourselves as connected — or not — to Israel.

Online: Sign up for 8 Jan

Face-to-face: Sign up for 22 Jan

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Am I Jewish Enough to Take Part?

Am I Jewish enough to participate? (The answer is probably yes) I’m not religious… (Jewish enough) I don’t know any other Jews… (Jewish enough) I have a Jewish father or one Jewish grandparent (Jewish enough) I’m a convert to Judaism… (Jewish enough) I know nothing about Jewish stuff… (Jewish enough) I had spareribs yesterday…. (Jewish enough) My specific concern is not on this list and I am super anxious about it!!! (Mazal tov! probably nobody’s more Jewish)

What is the Jewish Manifesto?

The Jewish Manifesto is a declaration of our fears, dreams, desires, and demands for Jewish culture in the Netherlands. And we’re creating it with you, using the most Jewish way we know: through discussion and analysis – chevrutah style.

If you don’t know what chevrutah means, don’t worry. Neither did many of us until recently. Chevrutah means fellowship – as in fellowship of the ring, only Jewish. It’s about learning together and is exciting and fun. As a bonus, the process becomes more meaningful the longer you study together.