Share Our Promo Video!

What does it mean to be Jewish in the Netherlands? Our promo video has some answers to that question – share it and and share your response as well!

Briefing for sharing video over Instagram

December 26 is the last day of Hanukkah 2022.

On that day, we will share our promo video for the Jewish Manifesto with the world.

The video, created by filmmaker Stuart Acker Holt, is a portrait of 9 Dutch Jews from diverse backgrounds. With this video we want to draw attention to the Jewish Manifesto project, but most of all we want to put the diversity of Jewish Dutch people in the spotlight. 

What do we ask of you?

Share the video on December 26 via Instagram, from our page @het_joods_manifest

It would be nice if you could add a personal note to the post. Why is it important to give Jews a face? What do you personally like about the video?

Make your own video!

Take 1 minute or less to make a video responding to one of the film’s questions. (If you are Jewish). Just put your phone in selfie mode and record. If you tag us on Instagram (@het_joods_manifest), we will find the film. Or you can send the video to us via Dropbox (you don’t need to have Dropbox yourself).

The questions are:

  • When did you first realize that you are Jewish?
  • What is very Jewish about you?
  • What is it like to be Jewish in the Netherlands?

Suggested hashtags

#Jewishmanifesto #jewishmanifesto #Jewish #Jewishinnetherlands #oyveyamsterdam #chanuka 

And of course, don’t forget to tag @het_joods_manifest 😉


Director: Stuart Acker Holt

Editor: Smaragda Nitsopoulou

Camera: Stefano Bajak


Riki Kooyman

Maurits de Bruijn

Chaja Merk

Dinah Bons

Matthew Schwarz

Bob Newmark

Colin de Bie

Joana Cavaco

Levi and Charlie